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for people who are willing to learn to drive safely and learn the traffic laws in a brief period of time.

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    Our driving courses

    Category B

    28 theory lessons and 28 driving lessons

    Course lasts 6 weeks

    Can be paid by instalments

    Why do you need to choose us?


    Manual and automatic cars. All our cars are specifically adapted to legal requirements for the examinations in Department of Motor Vehicles

    Knowledge control

    Online learning. Pre-assessment of the knowledge before undertaking the exams using the modern simulation and computer systems


    All our driving instructors are available through the day and late evenings if required. Timings will be adapted based on our students needs and availability.


    Flexible payment plans.
    In our driving school you can choose your own vehicle that you think is suitable for your requirements. You can either choose an automatic or a manual car, whichever you feel more comfortable and confident in. Our students are our top priority!

    If our students wish for our driving school to provide automatic cars for their exam in the Department of Motor Vehicles, we always make sure we accommodate their needs and requests to our best ability. When it is time to take your exam, you will not be feeling worried about driving a car you have not driven yourself before, instead you will be feeling confident and comfortable as our cars are adapted as close as possible to the requirements of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

    About us

    Our driving school has the right to provide education to people who are willing to gain a driving license in Category A and B. Our driving school is for people who are willing to learn how to drive safely and confident on the roads and who wants to avoid car accidents.

    Our driving instructors have over 20 years of experience in teaching people how to drive.
    Theory lessons take place in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings, again to meet our students’ needs.


    You can undertake the theoretical part of the course online, in the comfort of your own home or anywhere else in your own spare time.
    Online you can do:

    • Online tests
    • Pass your assessment works
    • Analyse your mistakes
    • Pass internal theory exam
    • Use of the theory book with all the rules about the roads and different situations

    Our driving school provides all of its students with all required online tests that will support them on their journey on getting their driving license!

    General information for people taking part on the exam. Pace and time of examination.

    Arrival of the person taking exam:
    On the day of the driving exam the student must arrive earlier to the arranged office at the arranged time (normally 5-10 minutes prior the examination).
    Person taking an exam must have with them the form of ID to proof their identity. The assessor will validate the identity of a candidate prior the exam taking place.
    Lateness to the exam:
    If the person who was meant to be taking an exam is late then their exam will only take place if there is enough time to do so. If time doesn’t allow then the exam is considered as it took place and the person taking the exam will have to book a new slot at their own expense.
    Non attendance:
    If the person taking an exam cannot make the date and time they must inform Transpordiamet in writing at least 3 days in advance of arranged date. If done so the date of the exam can be changed.
    On other different occassions such as an admission to hospital or where the person taking an exam is not in control of circumstances the document of proof must be provided.
    If the person who was meant to be taking an exam doesn’t turn up without any notices, the exam considered as non taking place and the price paid will be considered as a paid one and non-refundable.
    Assessor of examination:
    Is an external person from driving school, person who works for Transpordiamet who has relevant experience or qualifications to assess the person taking an exam.
    People taking part in examination:
    Normally 2 people take part in examination: person who is taking the exam and assessor. However, the driving instructor, the external assessor of Transpordiamet assessor, student who wants to become assessor or interpreter might be present at the time of examination.

    Our students are happy with the results and outcomes!

    Our driving school can create a flexible timetable for future drivers and the lessons can take place in the daytime or in the evenings.

    Is it possible to pass the driving test from the 1st time? It is indeed! Professional staff, driving instructors teach you in a polite and calm manner. Thank you for making my dream come true.

    Mari Koppel

    Comfortable learning, fantastic approach and individual approach to all students. Passed my test in Transpordiamet and will definately recommend to my friends.


    Sergey Arutjunjan



    Kaupmehe 8




    +372 5397 2468



    Learn how to drive in a shortest length of time!

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